Monday, August 13, 2018

~how to charcuterie~

I love making charcuterie boards for guests. They are simple, they contain healthy food options, and there's always something for everyone. 
When I first started making them I was a little intimidated, but they really are easy to put together.

There's just a few things to remember.
You don't need to follow the exact foods in my example.
I used pistachios, but any nuts will do.
I like to use almonds and macadamia nuts as well.

Salame is always a good option, but you can also use deli meats, or a combination of both.

Some sort of fruit is always good. I like using grapes because they require no prep work other than to wash them. However, sliced pears drizzled with honey looks and tastes great. Apple slices work well too.

Cheeses- I feel like everyone loves brie, so I always try to include that cheese. The other cheeses I like to use are gouda, but pre sliced cheddars or havartis are nice too.
A combination of soft and hard cheeses are nice.

Crackers can be pita chips, sliced ciabatta, or any party crackers.
I like to buy the variety packs so I have a little of each.

Cherry tomatoes add nice color, as well as the apricots. 

Placing some items in little bowls like I did the olives and nuts adds a nice layer and keeps foods from touching and rolling off the board.

Also, you don't need to use a wooden board if you don't have one. I like to use square plates like this one, or long rectangular trays like this one.

Have fun with it! There is no science to it, just put it together until you think it looks nice and there is good variety and color!

Make sure you have cute cheese knives for your guests to use as well!



Sister Patty said...

I loved what you served at your flea market!!!

michele said...

Love these boards, and love this graphic you created! They take all the stress away from entertaining for us since it's all room temperature and you can graze all night. I am inspired to create more beautiful ones for the fall! Thanks for the nudge. :)

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