Wednesday, November 6, 2019

no cost Christmas holiday decorating ideas

Today marks the first Christmas post of 2019!

While I certainly don't have all my Christmas decorations up, I did add a few things to our kitchen to kick things into gear.

I really wanted to do a post on no cost seasonal decorating, because it truly is possible!

The first thing I did was to make a wreath for our front door. I gathered clippings from our yard to make this by attaching everything to a wire wreath form. Super simple, it smells amazing, and it sets the tone for what is inside.

I added more greenery from the yard to my new favorite vase on the island. I had white hydrangeas already in it, and I simply added clippings around the white flowers. 

Have a chalkboard in your home? Add a Christmasey saying, the lyrics to your favorite Christmas song, or a simple tree like I did.

Another no cost decorating idea, is to use your wrapped gifts as decor!
They look great in stacks, and it is so nice getting things wrapped ahead of time. 

Frame or display a free holiday printable!
You can find a ton here, here, here, and here. 

O night divine will be available here soon, stay tuned.

Little wooden birdhouses or homes instantly look like they were made for Christmas nestled in with your everyday items.

Rummage through your attic or storage and find a few things that you can put out this early without it screaming "Christmas" 

I added 2 white trees to this coffee nook. They look more winter than Christmas. 

And this tree cookie jar also looks more winter than to themey.

Let's recap on how you can decorate for literally no money at all.

1- Clip greenery out of your yard to create wreaths and beautiful arrangements for your counters or shelves.

2- Create a chalkboard message or drawing. If you don't have a chalkboard, perhaps you have a roll of craft paper you can create wording on with a sharpie?

3- Start wrapping your gifts as you buy them. Not only will you be so happy you did come December, they also make great decor.

4- Frame or display free printables, {see links above} or create your own and print from your home printer. Alternatively, you could frame Christmas cards or ask your kiddos to draw you a wintery scene. 

5- Use everyday objects such as birdhouses to evoke the Christmas feel. Add a bit of greenery or cranberries to make them look more festive. 

6- Look through your own holiday decor for items that are more wintery rather than Christmasey, and display those throughout your space. 

7- Not included in the photos, but bake gingerbread cookies, a loaf of cardamon bread, or simmer cranberries, oranges, and cloves on the stovetop to make your home smell delicious. 

Visit my friends below to see more holiday decorating ideas that are sure to get you in the Christmas spirit!



Michael Wurm Jr said...

I love all of your no cost decorating ideas! You can really do SO MUCH for so little. Fabulous inspiration! Merry Christmas!!

xo Michael

CourtneyM said...

Can you share where you bought those pretty white trees in your coffee nook?

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