Wednesday, March 4, 2020

DIY wood shim sunburst wreath

Today I am going to show you how to make this adorable sunburst wreath, perfect for Spring!

You can get almost everything you need for this wreath at the hardware store and it won't break the bank to make this DIY wood shim wreath.

If you look at sunburst wreaths online, they can sell for well over $200.00. I am going to show you how to make this one for under $20!


2 packs of shims
1 6" Halo recessed trim piece {lighting section}
1 12" wreath form {Michaels or Amazon}
wood glue
staple gun with T-50 staples
white spray paint
saw to cut shims
sawtooth hanger for back, or any other hanger 
super glue or other strong glue


You will need 3 different size shims. You can leave 14 of them the original 12" length. Cut the others down to 11" and 10" as shown below. When you make the cut, take it off the thin end, not the thicker end. 

Sand down any rough edges. 

Next, attach two 11' pieces to one 12" piece, centering them and lining them up at the thin end. 

After that you will be using wood glue to attach two 10" pieces fanned out like shown in the picture. You don't want to staple these on as the staples will go right through to the front. I reinforced the center with a little wood glue as well. Place something heavy on the thin end and let dry. I let mine dry overnight. 


Repeat until you have 14 sections like below.

Once all your sections are dry you can start attaching them to your wood wreath form.
To ensure mine were spaced evenly, I placed a bowl in the center of the ring. 

Working your way around, attach 7 of your sections, thin side towards the center, to the wreath form using your staple gun and wood glue, from the backside so you don't see the staples.

Now you will be filling in the gaps with your 7 remaining sections. This step is a bit trickier because they don't want to sit flush. You will need your wood glue for this and a bit of patience. I glued them on one by one and each time placed a quart of paint or soup can {or something else heavy and about that size} on each section as I went along. Let dry overnight and then once dry, reinforce with your staple gun.

These pictures illustrate where the positioning of the remaining 7 pieces go. 

Once the whole thing is dry and reinforced with staples, add a sawtooth hanger to the back.

Then spray paint your entire wreath with white spray paint. I used semi-gloss, but you can use any sheen.

When that is dry, attach the ring to the center using super glue or any strong glue. 

Hang up and enjoy your creation! 

More DIY Spring wreaths below. Click on any of the links to take you there!



Ashely said...

This is so cool! I love sunbursts. You are so talented and inspiring!

Farm House Faire said...

So awesome love the modern look!

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