Thursday, April 1, 2021

DIY shibori flag

First of all, you may be wondering what a Shibori flag is. 

Shibori is a pattern making process. It has made up of designs by compressing fabric. Wherever the fabric is tied, pinched, or clamped, the pigment will be blocked and the fabric will remain un-dyed. Very very similar to tie dye.

Typically when you see Shibori it is a deep navy or indigo blue color, very pretty, very trending.

I have seen Shibori flags for sale and they are NOT cheap, which is why I decided to DIY my own Shibori flag.

I started with this tablecloth. {it is on a huge clearance sale too!}

I then cut it down to 51"x36"  

Save the scraps for another project!

If you are going to make one of these, this tablecloth is PERFECT because of the natural lines and stitching already on it. It makes this flag making all the more easier to complete!

Also, if you don't have a sewing machine, don't worry! You can stitch this by hand.

You will also need scrap fabrics in the same color-ways, but different patterns to break it up. 

I also bought this belt to use for the end of it for the pole to slide through. Totally optional but up to you!

Sew random fabric scraps on the upper left of your flag in place of the stars. There is no rhyme or reason to it, it's just what looks good to your eye. 

It might help to look at different examples. Here is a few good ones.

This one is similar to the one I made. 

This one is super simple. In fact you could even use iron on material for a no sew flag!

I can't wait to hang it up outside this summer from our flagpole!

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xoxo, Melaine 

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