Friday, May 7, 2021

Friday favorites

Welcome to another addition of Friday favorites! 

If you are new here, Friday favorites has become a favorite post of mine and yours. 

It is where I compile and dump all my favorite things I found over the past week. 

It can be random things, from clothing to home decor, and more!

Simply click on the bold words to take you to the product pages, and have fun!

 This is the best smelling laundry soap on the face of the earth. Mix a capful in with your unscented laundry detergent to make it go a long way.

My favorite place to buy airplants, and the least expensive I've found.

Just bought this great textured vase, and this sweet bowl.

You guys! Look how cute and inexpensive this side table is!

A great fragrance free hand cream for those dry hands from washing all the time.

The secret to creating a fluffy full bed just got easier. These pillows are oversized and the PERFECT backdrop for throw pillows.

My new favorite shaving cream and razor and trust me, I am picky. The shaving cream smells so good, and the razor comes with a hanging hook.

How great is this teapot?

This vase is great as a stand alone decor piece. I recently saw it in a friends home and fell in love.

Check out these sconces, so pretty!

These wire baskets are so great. They would be good for a multitude of things.

Just bought these outdoor dining chairs and these cushions to go on them.

This tray has a great patina and would serve so many purposes.

Love this large vase that is on clearance.

This is the best and prettiest magnetic knife holder for your kitchen.

DIY table topics?! Yes please!

Have a great weekend!
xoxo, Melaine 

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