Friday, May 14, 2021

Friday favorites

 Did you know you can buy replacement knobs for Le Creuset? Meaning if you'd like to switch yours out to the gold one, you can easily and inexpensively

In love with this outdoor collection.

Obsessing over cactus plants right now.

This is the cheapest deal I have ever seen on pampas grass! Do you know the trick to keep it from shedding all over your house? Hairspray! Coat in hairspray outdoors and when dry everything stays put!

I love using these turkish towels in the summer. I leave piles in baskets for people to grab when they head down to the lake. They also double as lightweight wrap blankets in the chilly summer evenings.

Love this outdoor table!

Loving these outdoor planters. Great for tabletops, etc.

These are such fun barstools.

The most comfortable sandals that will last you years.

This is one thing I will always splurge on.

xoxo, Melaine 

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